[TriLUG] Help setting up wireless router with Time Warner

Rodney Radford rradford at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 7 22:02:29 EDT 2011

Seems my mom bought a laptop thinking she could get 'wireless' access like I do, without realizing she did not have WiFi at her house. She is on Time Warner's plan, so I suggested she call them and swap out her SBV5121 VoIP modem with one that supports WiFi as well. Color me surprised when I discovered that they wanted to charge her $35 for the swap/setup (fair enough) and then $15/month (???).

I am pulled out an older WRT54G router I have and will be dropping in tomorrow to try and set it up for her. Looking online, I see that some have had no issues in setting it up, while others could not get it to work for them at all.

So, do we have any TW customers on here who have set it up, and if so, is there anything tricky I need to know/do in terms of options on the modem and/or router? Do I need to configure the modem in some way, or is it as simple as plugging the router between the computer and modem, and then configuring the WiFi settings?  Does the fact that she also has her phone setup through it also complicate matters?

The reason I am asking before I even try it is that tomorrow is the only attempt I have this weekend, and I only have about 3 hours then - and if I don't get it working by this weekend, she may end up taking the laptop back to the store. So I get one shot at it... ;-)

Thanx, in advance...

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