A Bicycle Trip through Umstead Park

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6 - Third Leg: To Reedy Creek Lake & Return

This final leg of the ride begins at the intersection of the northern extension of the Bike & Bridle trail, and heads east to Reedy Creek Lake. It then returns to Lake Crabtree along the southern B & B Trail route. There are a couple of challenging hills to climb on this part of the route, although one of them is optional.

(15) After getting back on the B & B trail and heading east, there's another sweeping downhill run that follows a long curve to the left. I usually have to shed some speed in order not to lose traction on the gravel through the turns. I'm looking forward to seeing how the new rock dust surface handles here. Once through them there's a wooden bridge that passes over Crabtree Creek, shown in the distance (see enlargement). Just up the hill to the right is Reedy Creek Lake.

(16) Reedy Creek Lake. You can continue going straight on the B & B Trail at this point, or you can take the right branch down past the lake, over an arching wooden bridge, and up a long hill to the Harrison Avenue entrance. I usually take this hill for the exercise. If I have the time, I'll return and continue on the B & B Trail, which ends at a parking area near Ebinezer Church Road. This adds a mile or so and goes up a hill as well, although less demanding.
(17) This is how Reedy Creek Lake looks from the other side of the wooden bridge. I usually continue from here up the hill to the gate near Umstead's Harrison Avenue entrance. Maintaining more than ten MPH on this hill is my goal, and it can be quite a challenge on a warm Summer afternoon.
(18) A view of the wooden bridge from the other side. The planks of the bridge make an interesting sound when you pedal over. On the return trip, I like to get up a lot of speed coming down the hill and then sweep over this bridge. The sound is impressively loud!

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Text and photos are Copyright 2002 © by Scott Chilcote.

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