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Favorite Links
Matthew Labarge is an outstanding composer and has published magnificent piano music.  I can't say enough good things about his work!  Please give it a try.

Open Source Web Design
Their work gave these pages a massive jump start. Thanks a bunch, folks!

The North Carolina Bicycle Club.  My favorite club in NC.

A truly great forum site for bicyclists in the NC Triangle.

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Huge!

Sheldon Brown
One of the best resources for bicycling on the planet.  Great guy too!  We'll miss him.

Triangle MTB
A fine hangout for local mountain bike riders.
I write code, ride mountain and road bikes as time allows, drive a hybrid vehicle, support Linux and open source software, occasionally build speaker enclosures, enjoy computer games, and have written a handful of articles in the North Carolina Triangle area.

I've been a strong proponent for commuting by bicycle, and at one time wrote a Triangle Bicycle Commuting FAQ for those interested in riding to work in this area. I assembled a road bike for commuting during 1995-1998, then switched to a BikeE Recumbent. Since I'm fortunate enough to work from home now, I've taken up riding offroad or "mountain" bikes on local bike trails for exercise.

Bicycling Topics:

Bike Ride - A Loop Around Umstead Park

Our July 2003 C&O Canal Bike Tour

Cycle Across Maryland (CAM) Weekend 2005

In October 2006, I presented at North Carolina Bicycle Club on the topic of Using a GPS Receiver and Mapping Software for Bicycling. This presentation was updated for the Carolina Tarwheels in May 2007. The Presentation is available in OpenOffice (ODP) Format as well as in PowerPoint format.

An Informal Comparison of Bicycle Headlight Systems

Subwoofer Project
A brief description and a few pics of a subwoofer construction project. It took a long time to finish, but I wanted it to look good enough for our living room. We're very happy with how it looks and sounds.

Geothermal Project
In May 2011, we replaced our home's original HVAC equipment from 1991 with a high efficiency ground-sourced heat pump. We also had a hot water recovery system installed ( "desuperheater") at the same time. It preheats our hot water and saves even more energy. Check out the link to see photos of the project and the great results.
Perl Programs
Recursively search subdirectories and build a graphical web page that indexes your HTML pages, including links. View sample.

Graphical df
Uses Perl/Tk to provide a pie-chart display of hard disk usage.

Article: Complex Sorts
Find out how to sort tab or column delimited data using multiple keys.
Recursively search text files in subdirectories for a given string or regular expression. You can do this with find & xargs, but this alternative tries to improve on the concept.

Article: Using Perl Inside vi & vim
Perl scripts can be used within vi and vim to perform useful tasks. This article explores generating formatted comments, and repeating the same code lines for multiple variables names.
Photo Gallery
Mt Airy Bicycles, July 2008
The East Coast's recumbent mecca!
CAM 2008 Thursday
Cycle Across Maryland, July 2008
CAM 2008 Friday
Friday Tandem Ride, CAM 2008
CAM 2008 Saturday
Saturday's Mountain Century
CAM 2008 Sunday
Final splash of scenery
RUSA 10th Anniversary Ride
110km in Morrisville, NC
Cary Cycling Celebration & Jimmy V Ride, 2008
Helping out NCBC